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Aging Skin – How to Care for it

We all deal with it on a daily basis and as women we are more likely to struggle with our aging skin and the challenges it brings us.  I mean, who wants to think about the sagging and the wrinkling, the liver spots, the itchiness.  None of it sounds fun or appealing and most of us feel uncomfortable and unsexy when we see it happening to us.

Don't be too hard on yourself!

Don’t be too hard on yourself!

So how do we deal with it?  How can we improve not just our skin, but the way we feel about it?

Accelerated aging has a few helpers.  The foremost of them being the sun, and that guy is pretty unavoidable unless you want to live underground.  I’m sure you know what we’re going to say – sunscreen is your best friend!  Hats should be worn, especially in the midday sun!  Avoid overexposure! Check for skin cancer!  All of these are great ways to avoid the harsh effects of too much sun and the accelerated aging that inevitably follows, but we as Phoenicians don’t have so lucky a time avoiding the occasional sunburn.  So here’s a little something extra – stay moisturized.  If you’re tanning (and of course we don’t advise that) please slather some lotion on your skin and keep that tan a little longer while preventing too much stress on it by drying it out.  We all love a little vitamin D in our lives to keep us healthy and sane – but putting on lotion even after you’ve applied all that sunscreen (and maybe sweated it off in the Arizona heat) is essential to the health of your Integumentary System.  Our favorite way to moisturize is with the Rhonda Allison line of skincare products.  With soothing, natural ingredients, who wouldn’t love to feel that youthful glow return to their newly moisturized skin?

Smoking is another huge factor in accelerated aging.  The only way to stop these effects?  Stop smoking.  We know it’s tough and we know it’s stressful but there are so many ways to unwind and pamper yourself when you’re really craving a cigarette.  New Serenity Spa can be a perfect place to reward yourself for quitting, why not treat yourself?  We highly doubt you’ll be craving a cigarette when you’re basking in our Miracle Facial. (Did we mention it lasts for two hours?) acne facial

Get some sleep!  Those sleepy bags under your eyes from too much stress and too little sleep don’t help you look younger, dear.  As busy as we often are we need to remember that there are simple, natural ways to enhance our skin and bring back that young look we crave.  So put down that report, get the kids to bed a little early, leave the dishes for tomorrow, and get into bed.  (Don’t forget to put on some night cream before hand, please!)

Of all the tips we can offer, however, the most important way to help yourself with skin care and aging is to accept it.  We will help you fight it, we will help you relax and enjoy your day, and we will help you feel you’re aging gracefully.  Accept yourself, find your center, and know that your aging skin is just another way to be incandescently beautiful.


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