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Aging skin is definitely something we can not run away from, unfortunately its all going to happen to us one day.  All though we all will age, there are many different ways you can try to slow down the process of it.  There are two ways of aging, intrinsic and extrinsic.  Intrinsic is the immutable effects chronological aging, as well as the cycle of life. Extrinsic is external aging. It is the natural process of biological aging impacted by exterior elements like sun exposure, air pollution, smoking, lifestyle, cosmetics, lack of care and other allergens – all things we have some control over.

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The environment can have a huge impact on our skins aging exposure to extreme weather conditions like hot, cold, and wind for long periods of time can dry out the skin and make it become dehydrated taking the moisture out of the barrier and making skin appear prematurely aged.  Pollution like exhaust fumes, smog, particles floating around in the air can also impact moisture levels causing major dehydration and lack of oxygen to the skin. Your life style can also play a huge factor in the aging skin process like sleep patterns, poor nutrition, and little fluid intake can all have a destructive impact on the skin.  Smoking is one of the biggest aging causer.  Smoking can cause free rad ical damage such as infection in the skin, and it will most definitely cause you to age.

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       Sun exposure is another one of the most important reasons to be the cause of aging skin.  90 % of aging is due to the sun, it’s the most damaging of all extrinsic factors.  UVA and UVB rays completely destroy the skin. Sun exposure can cause the skin to become dehydrated.  The rays go into the dermis damaging the skin and cellular level and causing the skin to have long-term damage. It also sucks the nutrients out of the skin which overtime makes the skin not able to regenerate, Dead cells build up on the surface and the production of new skin cells decreases significantly, which results in aging.  So always be sure to wear your sunscreen and keep your skin protected!

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