Aromatherapy Products at New Serenity Spa

BODY BLISS has created a complete line of very unique Aromatherapy Products. Our massage therapists at New Serenity Spa are trained to create the perfect mix of products to meet all your relaxation needs.

Every product has a genuine therapeutic concept in its formulation and is carefully designed to delight the senses and offer a maximum beneficial effect on the body/mind. BODY BLISS products are to enhance the health and well-being of the user, therapist and client alike.


All products contain natural ingredients and 100% wild crafted, organic or ecologically sensible essential oils.

BODY BLISS Products Characteristics:

  • No synthetic fragrances – Body Bliss uses natural and organic essential oils in all products.
  • No paraben preservatives – Body Bliss uses natural botanical anti-oxidants and the safest preservative systems.
  • No harsh sulfates – Shampoos and body washes are formulated from natural and renewable raw materials.
  • No mineral oils – Only pure, natural plants oils than can be easily assimilated by the skin.
  • No phthalates – They can disrupt immune function and endocrine systems.
  • No water dispersible massage oils – They degrade the lipids in therapist skin causing allergies, cracking and irritation.
  • No grape seed oil in massage oils and scrubs

When you book a massage or facial, make sure to ask about our Aromatherapy add-ons.  Here are a few options to consider:

Here Comes the SunSoft, uplifting organic citrus to promote
confidence, happiness and positivity.
Deep PeacePromotes deep inner peace, and a
relaxation of body, mind and emotions
Relaxed & PlayfulRelaxation and uplift; supporting well-being
and enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures.
Nourishing the HeartCreates a caring and nurturing atmosphere
where the heart can unburden and relax
Renewal Refreshing, toning and energizing;
supports detoxification and renewal
Female Balance Supports the feminine, gently balancing
hormonal and emotional swings
Body AffirmationSupports and invigorates adrenal, lymphatic
and vascular systems for body tone and health.
Ready for Romance Relaxing and opening your heart, drifting
on waves of sensuous petals.
Refresh & RetouchSoothes the body, refreshes the mind, and
eases respiration tension and congestion
Tension DissolverDissolves tension and aids the relief of
headache and migraine.
Sore MusclePenetrates muscular tension and soothes
away aches and pains.
Rest FullCalming, sweet highland lavender invites
relaxation and promotes sound and easy sleep






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