Benefits of Aromatherapy and Human Touch

Did you know your nose is a secret weapon for healing, relaxation and overall wellness?

The sense of smell is a mood booster, a stress soother, a memory jogger, a danger warner, a pain reliever and an appetite influencer. Pretty amazing stats for a tiny appendage in the middle of the face!

Researchers continue to sniff out fascinating findings about the sense of smell.  Aromatherapy is becoming a must-have in spa treatments these days.

More than any of our senses, the sense of smell is closely linked to the parts of the brain that process emotion, memory and cognitive processing. According to Sarah Dowdey’s article in How Stuff Works, “The olfactory bulb in

the brain, which sorts sensation into perception, is part of the limbic system–a system that includes the amygdala and hippocampus, structures vital to our behavior, mood and memory.”

Think about the smells that bring back memories and evoke emotion in your life?

Benefits of Aromatherapy

See if you can relate to some of these examples:

  • You catch the scent of White Shoulders perfume in a crowded elevator and are immediately transported back to a sweet afternoon on your grandma’s lap reading Dr. Seuss books.
  • Out for a walk, your nose perks at the smell of a neighbor’s barbeque. Your mouth waters and your heart warms as you recall your dad’s sheer joy over grilling up steaks for the family every chance he got.
  • While folding towels fresh from the dryer, you bury your face in the warm, soft fabric and breathe in the clean scent. Within seconds, the stress of the day evaporates as you remember your momma wrapping you in a warm towel after bathtime and before bedtime prayers.

While many scents are attached to a childhood memory, some scent specialists say we can train our brains to respond in specific ways when stimulated by specific scents.

In her book, The Scent of Desire, Rachel Herz suggests we can boost cognitive functioning by smelling a certain scent while new information is being absorbed and then returning to the same scent to help with recall of the learned information. While this theory hasn’t been proven by scientists, it surely couldn’t hurt, could it?

The same theory can be used for relaxation. Choose an aroma known for its mood-calming properties and infuse your space with it while spending time in prayer or meditation. The next time you feel stressed, breathe in the same scent and you just may experience a sense of peace even if you don’t have time to pray or meditate.

Pain management is another important area where our sense of smell can be our saving grace. Positive scents are a beautiful distraction from nagging pain. Many essential oils, including lavender, cypress, marjoram, and peppermint, are natural muscle relaxers.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

The ancient practice of using essential oils for health and wellness has become a modern-day miracle for countless people. Even reputable medical facilities such as M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital encourage the use of essential oil aromatherapy to help combat the side effects of chemotherapy.

Don’t confuse essential oil aromatherapy with your favorite candle or scented bubble bath. High quality essential oils are distilled from plants with painstaking care through steam distillation or cold expression. It takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds of plant materials to extract one pound of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil.


Reputable spas, such as New Serenity Spa Scottsdale, use high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils for their spa services. These oils don’t just smell amazing, they have true healing properties made even more effective by the power of human touch. New Serenity Spa is proud to feature essential oils by dδTerra and Body Bliss

Along with reducing the production of stress hormones, the soothing power of the human touch increases oxytocin levels responsible for producing a calming affect. It also can have a comforting and reassuring effect, which helps manage anxiety. Human touch can even reduce the intensity of pain when applied comfortingly, acting as a numbing agent. The power of human touch in a non-sexual way helps by producing a comforting and reassuring effect and it can help to manage anxiety as well (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts).

New Serenity Spa uses soothing, healing lavender and ylang ylang essential oils in their massage and facial treatments. Peppermint oil is also used for its stress relieving and invigorating properties. The skilled massage therapists and aestheticians know just the right oil blends and massage techniques to provide guests with the best, most beneficial spa experience possible. Essential oils are also diffused in the air so every breath is a healing moment.

In addition to the use of pure essential oils in treatments, the skincare lines at New Serenity feature the natural benefits of essential oils. Rhonda Allison products use essential oils and other plant compounds to provide clients with nature’s best in skincare. Image Skincare uses 100% essential oils to fragrance their products and to caress skin with nature’s touch.

A spa treatment at New Serenity Spa Scottsdale is a perfect introduction to the benefits of aromatherapy and the human touch.
Add aromatherapy to your next massage or facial treatment and experience a whole new level of relaxation.


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