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Have you ever wondered “Is there enough sun protection in mineral makeup?”  Many people think that because their makeup has SPF, they are protected and it’s okay to skip the actual SPF cream.  Many of my clients choose mineral makeup because they think there is enough sun protection.  However, women don’t apply enough to actually receive the sun protection promised on the label.  Most women put on 0.085 grams of powder, when we really need 1.2 grams.  That means people would require 14 times more powder in addition to their current regime.  A lot of people don’t like to wear sunscreen under their make up because they feel to oily, however, the trick is not using a small amount and waiting 5 to 10 minutes before makeup application.  If your skin still seems very oily, try to purchase an oil-free sunscreen and see if that makes a difference.

Makeup shouldn’t be your first line of defense against sun damage. Dermatologist,Dr.Leslie Baumann says, “while it’s never bad to use products with SPF, your facial powder is simply not offering enough protection against  UV rays to use it in lieu of sunscreen.” You can use mineral makeup as a supplement to protecting your skin. Dermatologist Kathryn Frew M.D., states in Web M.D., ” I always tell my patients to use a regular cream sunscreen under their makeup and then use the mineral foundations as an extra boost.” Dr. Baumann agrees and informs the Skin Cancer Foundation, “Mineral Makeup with SPF can enhance your protection if layered over a sunscreen product.”

Even though your makeup doesn’t provide you with enough sun protection it doesn’t mean you should get rid of it.  You can use your makeup as an enhancer to your sunscreen. However, if you want complete protection use an SPF with Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide


Keep your skin looking beautiful for years to come!  Defending yourself against UV rays will aid in a youthful appearance if it’s done consistently with the right product.  It is your BEST defense for anti-aging and it’s something you have complete control over.  You’ve seen the over-whelming information time and time again and we have come a long way from the roof top tanning in baby oil days.  Don’t buy into the gimmicks that your make up is enough protection, continue to do additional research and discover the facts for yourself.  It’s your own face and body to protect :)

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