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Arizona is a state full of hard-working folks! Why not take a little me time and get a facial massage combo at New Serenity Spa Scottsdale? We offer one of the best massage in Scottsdale and our Serenity Facial has received excellent reviews in Spafinder, Yelp and Google.

Facial massage combo at New Serenity Spa Scottsdale

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Imagine your tension and stress fading away as your New Serenity Spa Scottsdale experience begins.

Caring staff ushers you in to complete tranquility for your body, mind, and spirit.

Your senses breathe a sigh of relief at New Serenity Spa Scottsdale.  Our Serenity Facial is a unique facial and massage experience.

Even though the spa decor is a sight to behold, your eyes grow heavy with relaxation.

With every breath, your soul is soothed with the aroma of healing essential oils.

Soft music and nature sounds sing a spirit lullaby as the New Serenity Spa staff begins to do what they do best.

The massage therapist uses just the level of massage pressure you desire to urge your muscles to release stress and tension. You won’t find a better Massage in Scottsdale or Phoenix.

Just when you think your pampering is over, your Serenity facial begins. At that moment, you say to yourself, “How smart was I to book a facial massage combo at New Serenity Spa Scottsdale?”

The tranquil environment never changes, but the focus shifts from your body to your face. Your face is an expression of who you are, and a Serenity facial only accentuates your natural radiance.

Deep cleansing with top-of-the-line Rhonda Allison products clears your pores of every trace of impurity. Gentle exfoliation removes the worn-out places of your skin revealing your freshness beneath. Not one, but two hydrating masques give your face and neck a refreshing drink. With gentle hands, the therapist massages Rhonda Allison’s nature-inspired moisturizers into every pore.

By the time you get dressed and sip a cold bottle of water, you will wonder if you should have brought a driver. The facial massage combo at New Serenity Spa Scottsdale truly is the perfect afternoon. What are you waiting for? Book yours today!

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We are located in Scottsdale, AZ 85260. We offer one of the best facial in Scottsdale. Our Serenity massage has been recognized by our reviewers as one of the best Scottsdale massage in the area.

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