Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Sonora Village Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ

deep tissue

Deep Tissue Massage is one of several types of massage we offer at New Serenity Spa. It focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissues and the inner sections of thick muscles. It targets the release of tension in via strong pressure and slow strokes. This type of massage is recommended for individuals who experience pain from a single area.  It is normal to experience soreness after a deep tissue massage for a day or two.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

People opt for this type of massage when they are trying to release tension or soreness in a a muscle or a group of muscle.
It is very helpful for golfers and athletes trying to loosen muscle, relieve pain and improve flexibility.

Deep tissue massage can help with other pains and aches such us:  muscle cramps, fribromyalgia, swelling, incorrrect posture and relaxation. The strong pressure that is applied during a deep tissue massage improves circulation and helps reduce swelling.

A lot of people usually ask us about the different between a swedish and a deep tissue massage.   A swedish massage is meant to help relax your body and release stress.  It is a more calming/soothing type of massage.  A deep tissue massage should be considered to alleviate chronic pain, improve blood flow and help with deep muscle discomfort.  A deep tissue massage is not for everyone.  If you are unable to tolerate intense pressure, you may opt for  a Serenity Massage.  This is a step above the Swedish massage and incorporates medium pressure.

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water before and after you deep tissue massage.  A hot bath has been known to be beneficial after a deep tissue massage.

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