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Pregnancy and Skin Care

Pregnancy and Skin Care

Skin Care during pregnancy is a tricky thing for new moms.  What used to be great for your skin might not work so well for you now that you’re pregnant.  With all the changes your body is experiencing it’s no wonder new moms get confused. What we put on our skin is important to fetal development and it might be tough to figure out what is safe to use.  Never fear.  We’ll break it down for you.



#1 – Retinoids

Orally taking retinoids (like you have to do with Accutane) is a big no no.  These have been shown to cause birth defects.   Even though topical retinoid treatments haven’t been proven to be harmful during pregnancy, most dermatologists and doctors will suggest you use them sparingly.  Also, large doses of Vitamin A can be harmful to a pregnancy.  Since Retinoids are a type of Vitamin A it’s best to use them very carefully during your pregnancy.  Instead try Kojic acid or Glycolic acid. We can help: all of our facials can be customized to be retinoid free!

#2 – Salicylic Acids

Many women suffer from acne during their pregnancies.  It’s incredibly common.  Even those of us lucky enough to be belly in stripesmostly acne free before pregnancy can get a sprinkle of it here and there.  But be careful of the treatments, lotions, ointments, and makeup that you used before you were pregnant.  These can be risky if they contain Salicylic Acid.  Just like you saw with Retinoids, small amounts of Salicylic Acids or Beta hydroxy acids are ok.  If you’re really soaking your skin in them, however, your body can absorb it into the bloodstream and hurt the fetus.  Try azelaic acid or products containing sulfur instead.

#3 – Soy and other Estrogen Heavy Ingredients

Since Estrogen can worsen dark patches on the skin during pregnancy, it’s best to avoid heavy use of skin care products that have a lot of soy.  The same goes for bergamot.  This choice is purely cosmetic, however, as neither soy nor bergamot are linked to birth defects.  If dark spots (chloasma or melasma) happen: try using kojic acid.  It can help with dark spots, so consider incorporating that in your skin care regimen.

#4 – Too  Much Sun

I know.  We’re in South Central Arizona.  The Scottsdale and Phoenix areas aren’t going to make it easier for you to stay out of the sun.  And getting overheated while pregnant can have deadly effects, not just worsening the dark pigmentation many pregnant women encounter.  But put on a little Sunscreen before going out and avoid overexposing your skin to the sun, especially while you’re pregnant.  This will definitely help you avoid the “dark splotches” we talked about.

Be Careful With:


belly heartDuring pregnancy your skin can be really sensitive.  Even to products you’ve used before.  So be careful when slathering on those lotions and ointments.  Test topical treatments on small areas of your skin before going ahead with your usual routine.  After all, you don’t want to lotion your legs with your usual moisturizer and find out too late that it irritates your skin.

Give it a Try:

#1 – Natural Skin Care Products

Many women choose to switch to products that use natural ingredients, especially when pregnant. And we always recommend them here at New Serenity Spa.  A Natural Skin Care line can be a safer choice during your pregnancy.  It’s a simple change that can make your life a little easier with so many bigger changes happening inside you!

#2 – Prenatal Massage

It’s a great way to relax and relieve all those aches and pains your changing body is experiencing.  Check out our blog on Prenatal Massage and book today!

So slather on that lotion, get that facial, and stay out of the sun!  And definitely come pamper yourself with us.  We’ll help you have a safe, relaxed, and healthy pregnancy here at New Serenity Spa.


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