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We use Rhonda Allison Products in Scottsdale at our New Serenity Spa location.  Many clients have never heard of our product line Rhonda Alllison.  We wanted to give some useful information on why these products are beneficial and what results you can expect.

Rhonda Allison Products are an eclectic mix of natural ingredients meeting science.  There are no added fragrances, preservatives or parabens in the Rhonda Allison products.  The products are designed to treat all types of different skin conditions.  Rhonda Allison products treat acne, dry skin, aging skin, hyper-pigmentation, sun damaged skin, rosacea and healthy skin too.  Some of the ingredients in the Rhonda Allison products that are effective in treating skin conditions are witch hazel, leaf oil, peptides, daisy flower extracts, Vitamin C, L-Arginine, grape seed extract, Madelic acid, L-Ascorbic acid, Retinol, to name just a few.  These ingredients offer anti-oxidant support to minimize free radical damage, some rebuild collagen, promote renewal of healthier skin cells, rejuvenate skin, heal, is moisture binding and so much more.

We understand the mass quantity of skin care products that are available on the market.  That is why we were very selective in choosing an effective and safe product line.  Rhonda Allison is creating a great reputation in the skin care industry.  Rhonda Allison has been a skin care expert and educator for 30 years. She worked with many clients for years as an esthetician too.  The skin care industry needed the eclectic mix of ingredients to produce favorable skin care results.  This line of skin care products have given thousands of people exactly what their skin needed for healing.

We encourage our clients to stay informed, educated and aware of the ingredients and products they use for their skin.  Rhonda Allison products may be the answer you’re looking for for powerful results!  We would love to give you a treatment using these amazing products! You will see the visible difference!  Please continue to do research and find more sources to support the effectiveness of these products.



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