The Serenity Massage Protocol

Serenity Massage

Here is our renown Serenity Massage protocol used for training massage therapists at New Serenity Spa – Scottsdale.  This is not your typical Swedish Massage. This is our branded signature massage that our guests are raving about.

The Serenity Massage is a medium pressure massage. Long strokes are used with this massage to promote a deeper state of relaxation and tension is released on problematic areas using medium pressure on trigger point areas throughout the body.

The Serenity massage - New Serenity Spa - Scottsdale

Before beginning any therapeutic massage make sure there are no contraindications preventing the guest from receiving a treatment.  Review the intake form and sign at the bottom.  Discuss problematic areas with the guest.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you pay very close attention to what the guest tells you about their style of massage.

Sometimes a therapist gets very comfortable with their own technique that they do the opposite of what the guest is requesting.  If a guest requests a gentle massage, please use gentle pressure.  If a guest needs deep, firm work, adjust your style to serve their needs.  All hired therapists should be able to accommodate most requests.  Diversity in technique will be a desirable trait and ensure repeat business for the therapist.  Make sure guest has turned their phone off, has an empty bladder and they are ready to receive.

The benefits go beyond feelings of relaxation and wellness that people may recognize after a massage. The American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society now include massage as one of their recommendations for treating low back pain, according to guidelines published in 2007.

Before bringing a guest  to the treatment room please make sure the room is prepared:  Refer to Room setup and break down form.

Have the guest undress to their comfort level and face down on the bed.  Knock before entering.  Adjust the face cradle until the guest is comfortable.  Ask about the temperature.  Use bed warmer if necessary.  Pay close attention to the volume of music in the room.  Adjust accordingly.

Set your intention before you begin the treatment.  Check in with yourself and make sure you are grounded and present. A silent mantra to raise your vibrational energy. (Ra, Ma, Da, Sa, Sa, Say, So, Hung) A beautiful meditation meaning, “the service of God is within me.”  Even a simple, “I am ready to share my gift” brings you into the present moment and enhances the experience for the guests.

Phase 1 (20 minutes)

  • Begin making contact with the guest.  Start with the covers over them and bring attention and awareness to their shoulders, upper back and lower back.  Apply pressure and soothing strokes over the covers to help them relax.
  • Begin the treatment with focus on one side of the back for 8 minutes.  Use long soothing strokes from the lower sacral area all the way to the neck and shoulder.  Work on areas of tension on that side of the body.  After 8 minutes switch to the other side and repeat.
  • After both sides have been treated use the next 4 minutes to work on the entire lower, mid and upper back.

Phase 2 (15 minutes)

  • Spend 5 minutes massaging arms and hands 2.5 minutes on each side.
  • Spend 10 minutes massaging the hip, upper leg, lower leg and feet.  5 minutes on each side.
  • Have guest turn over and begin phase 3 with guest on their back.

Phase 3 (15 minutes)

  • Work on arms and hands for 5 minutes 2.5 on each side
  • Work on decollete, neck, shoulders, upper back and face ears and scalp for 10 minutes

Phase 4 (10 minutes)

  • Massage upper leg and lower leg for 3 minutes each (6 minutes)
  • Finish with sugar scrub on feet and remove with warm towels. Massage without sugar scrub to finish. (4 minutes)

You’ve now completed the Serenity Massage.  Good job!  If you did this well your guest should be sleeping or very relaxed.  Advise them to get up slowly when they are ready.

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Enjoy the Serenity Massage, a matter of protocol.

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