Skin Care Tips – Facials in Scottsdale

Skin Care Tips – Facials in Scottsdale

Skin sun damage is a very common condition. The sun can be fun to play in sometimes, or even miserable, but you definitely have to keep your skin protected from those UVA’s and UVB’s.  UVA’s are Ultra violet aging rays that can cause the skin to age, UVB rays are Ultra violet burning rays, which can cause burning and blistering to the skin, especially if not protected. The best way to keep your skin protected on those hot summer days is to always wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must when you are out in the sun. The sun has its many ups and downs, you love it when you swim, and its a excellent source of Vitamin D, but it can also make you blister depending on your Fitzpatrick, and give you skin sun damage and also age your skin.

The damage that the sun can do can be harsh on the skin. The UVA’s and UVB’s can take toll on some people, especially if you live in Arizona where its almost always hot and the sun is always shining. Be sure to always wear your sunscreen to protect you from those horrific aging rays and those stinging burning rays. Refer to your choice of SPF on your sunscreen on to how many times a day you should apply it. Keep your skin protected and beautiful with our sunscreen and moisturizer from the product line of Rhonda Allison, and we’ll help you by keeping you safe in the sun, and your skin feeling radiant and soft. For additional information, visit New Serenity Spa

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