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Most skin care treatments are still abrasive even with advancing technology. Women have been programmed to equate beauty with pain.  There is no shortage of this belief in the skin care industry either.  We  tolerate needle pokes, laser burns, bruising, harsh chemicals, and massive peeling if it brings us closer to our youthful appearance.  Not only that but we pay large sums of money for the abuse!

If you live invitamin c - skin care treatments Scottsdale, Arizona the sun can be brutal. The spa industry attracts people seeking relief from sun damaged skin and prematurely aging skin issues.  Many women seek relief from fine lines, hyperpigmentation, brown spots and skin dehydration.  Most people turn towards very aggressive procedures with their foundational belief system,  “This must be the only way to improve my skin.”

Our skin care philosophy at New Serenity Spa has always been natural and holistic.  Treat the skin with pure and effective ingredients, be mindful of sun exposure, hydrate the skin with potent humectants and Skin Care treatments Phoenixmake regular facials a part of your skin care routine.  Our education begins with prevention and minimizing future skin damage.  Our team believes in home care and dietary changes for optimal results.  Most importantly our skin care approach is not to create any further damage and to minimize treatment risks.

Our Serenity Facial has received fantastic praise and has drawn in 5 star reviews on every review site.  Most people will tell you it’s a therapeutic experience that leaves their skin feeling amazing.  The Serenity facial is healing both externally and internally.  The skin care treatment products are fantastic, the aromas used are a vacation to the senses and the Skin care treatment - Miracle-Facial---Scottsdale-Facial-Sonora-Village-Plaza---Scottsdale-Azestheticians performing these services are completely dedicated to giving you the best facial you’ve ever had! However, we still want to offer even more quality to our skin care. We are regularly approached by companies offering a “new” procedure or machine to offer our eager skin care enthusiasts.  Over the years I’ve been an experimental volunteer for new treatments.

As a spa owner, I felt it was necessary to keep up with the newest skin care treatments and to endure through some pretty aggressive procedures to remain educated and relatable.  I’ve never agreed to any products or skin care treatments requiring too much down time or procedures with heavy risks in my spa.  It just never seemed to produce amazing results and in some cases I was worried that more harm or damage can be created.


About 6 months ago I tried a non-invasive HydrWhy Hydrafacial - Scottsdale HydraFacial - Skin Care Treatmentafacial MD treatment and I fell in love!  My skin felt great after the treatment.  My rosacea never flared up and I finally felt truly hydrated.  A few weeks later, I met another spa owner who operated her business in Southern California.  I asked her if she had ever heard of the hydrafacial treatment and if she had experienced it.  She was excited to tell me about how much she believes in this skin care treatment and how her and her team does perform hydrafacial procedures in her spa.  I asked many questions but I was still concerned about the large investment. After extensive research and seeing favorable results on my own skin, I decided that I couldn’t keep this amazing system away from my guests any longer.  I feel very good about the investment and I am absolutely convinced that we found an advancement in technology that is in congruent with our values at New Serenity Spa.

The Hydrafacial MD uses a technology called “vortex infusion”. This technology penetrates below the surface of the skin.  Most skin care treatments are focused on working the outer layers of the skin but this system works the inner layers of the skin so as the skin sheds the surface skin becomes more radiant, hydrated and clear of debris.  The hydrafacial also works with hyaluronic acid to push this amazing anti-aging product deep into the skin.  This helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  The hydrafacial provides different protocols depending on what skin concerns you are dealing with.  Our esthetician will choose the right products for your skin type.

Beautiful skin does not have to be combined with a belief of suffering. Harsh chemical peels and shedding layers of skin should be a thing of the ancient and barbaric past. The skincare industry will still take awhile to catch up with a belief that beauty should be peaceful and harmless.  However, we consider ourselves happy to have been made aware of this fact. I love our way of practicing skin care and we have seen thousands of guest from all over the world who are very happy with their results.  We will always be available to offer our fantastic Serenity Facial but we have even more healing to offer now!

Skin care Scottsdale - Skin Care treatment The next time you are looking for a great skin care experience I recommend you try the hydrafacial with us.  If you have a special occasion and you want your skin to be radiant, don’t worry about any downtime.  There is none!  Enjoy a wedding day glow with beautiful, soft skin.  Maintain your beauty without abrasive needles, razors, scraping or peels. Treat your skin with the loving, kindness it deserves.  We are skin care professionals that care about the experience you receive and the gentle, effective way that will bring you results.  All you need to do is reprogram your belief that results happen with great discomfort or risk.  Your skin will enjoy your new treatment and respond with a more youthful and remarkable appearance. We are grateful you’ve chosen and trusted us with your beautiful face.  Please let us know how we could be of service and if we can do anything else to give you a memorable experience.

Stacy LeClair
Owner – New Serenity Spa
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