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We now sell Spa Gift Certificates online for New Serenity Spa!  We also sell gift cards at our location. This setup didn’t happen over night but our clients asked and we delivered!  I am absolutely astounded by the results and couldn’t be happier to see how many facials have been purchased in the last few days using the new system.  It’s does make a great holiday gift for those who love to pamper their skin!


spa gift cards in Scottsdale

New Serenity Spa specializes in skin care and facials in Scottsdale and Phoenix.  Most of the spa gift certificates have been facial purchases.  For those who aren’t familiar with the facial treatments at New Serenity, I highly encourage you to click on this link to read a detailed description a dear client wrote to describe her experience in the treatment room.


spa gift certificates in Scottsdale

A Spa Gift Certificate or spa gift card really is a fantastic gift too.  It always amazes me to see the tension people carry when they walk in the spa.  Work related issues, kids, stress, holiday shopping and a multitude of other things seem to be plaguing my clients this week.  Many of them seem almost apprehensive to even keep their appointments with the busy schedules they juggle around.  The energy feels so heavy when they first arrive but when the treatment is finished I hear, “I needed that” or ” wow, that was amazing!”  Those are a few of my job perks.


facials in Phoenix

The funny thing, a spa gift certificate actually forces a person to treat themselves to relaxation and good health.  A lot of people will get carried away with being a charitable friend, working long hours and caring for children.  Some drain themselves so much and can create adrenal fatigue before they stop to relax and nurture themselves.  Another common phrase I hear in the spa, “my mom really needs this” or” my wife is working all the time, she needs this treatment so much!”

I love the fact that spa gift certificates are a great gift for anybody.  If you need a gift for the boss, spouse, daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister, teacher, co-worker, friend and the list goes on!  Almost everybody loves this gift!  Now New Serenity Spa can offer this valuable service for any occasion and you can choose your own customization, personal message and amount!  Isn’t it nice to shop from home? :)

spa gift certificates in Phoenix

Please visit our website for additional information regarding one of the best skin care treatments and best facials in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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