Spa Week!

Spa Week is an amazing opportunity to try out New Serenity Spa and their talented therapists! New Serenity Spa is offering the Serenity Massage, Hydrating Serenity Facial, and Reflexology for $50 per service. This is offer is valid Mon-Fr during Spring and Fall Spa Week. This limited time offer is a great way to

  1. The Serenity Massage:  The relaxing Serenity Massagetargeted for tight and sore muscles. It includes a customized massage with a scalp massage, warm towels and a foot scrub. The massage makes you melt into the table while relaxing those tight muscles and promoting peace into your day.
  2. Reflexology: Their Reflexology foot massage includes warm towels and a foot scrub.
  3. Their refreshing Hydrating Serenity Facial: Their refreshing Hydrating Serenity Facial includes warm towels and a scalp, arm, foot and neck massage. I loved receiving this service! It was so relaxing I fell asleep almost immediately and when I woke up my skin was glowing. (If you have more corrective needs I still would recommend the Hydrafacial over the Serenity Facial but the Hydrafacial is not included in the Spa Week Specials.)

Starting Spring 2018, we will be offering the same treatments Mon-Fr at our new location Inspire Day Spa.  Inspire Day Spa offers therapeutic massage, advanced skincare, hydrafacials, body treatments and a lake-side relaxation room.  Our amenities at Inspire include lockers, showers, robes, vanity areas and a large relaxation room overlooking lake Marguerite.

Come and experience New Serenity Spa or Inspire Day Spa during Spa Week.  The best way to relax by yourself or with a friend during Spa Week.


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