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springtime skin care

Springtime Skin Care

Spring time is rapidly approaching.  Time to put away all things winter and do some spring cleaning!  This includes your skin care regime.  A great way to kick off your spring is with your skin. It’s time to get rid of the dead, dry skin and make room for healthy, youthful skin.  A moisturizing facial is going to do wonders after months of exposure to dry, cold conditions.  At New Serenity Spa we consider climate and seasons for optimal skin care.  Our spring facial will include 2 hydrating masks, rich in antioxidants followed with hydrating serums designed to replenish needed moisture.

So out with the old and in with the new.  That is exactly what our plans are at New Serenity Spa as we begin our transition from winter to spring.  We will be clearing out our winter product line and adding new beneficial products for the spring.  This includes new chemical peels and great new spring products.  Try our fresh pineapple mask and be whisked away to the tropics.  Our cherry enzymes will work as an excellent exfoliant,  providing your skin with antioxidants and enzymes.

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You may be looking for a deep pore cleansing facial or a rejuvenating hydration for your skin.  Depending on your skin type we can customize a skin care program that is bound to give you immediate and long term results.  Most people are not fully educated on how they can make improvements with facial treatments and products.  It’s not enough to throw moisturizer in the grocery cart!  If you really want vibrant skin, it’s important to work with a professional that can show you the way!

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About the spring cleaning.  Go ahead and bag up your facial products and take them to New Serenity Spa this spring for an evaluation and skin care recommendations. Enjoy a blissfully relaxing treatment while you support and nurture necessary skin health.  Fight off free radicals that can cause skin damage and feel good about leaving with a radiant, youthful glow!

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