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Where Is The Best Massage In Scottsdale?

Having a massage is a necessity in everyone’s life. So you need to know where to go. New Serenity Spa hires only quality therapists, because the benefits of massage therapy are extensive and they want to maximize your experience and results with the “WOW” factor that they offer; the best massage therapists and the best massages in Arizona. A few examples of the benefits of massage as listed by Mayo Clinic are anxiety, headache (more…)

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Health Benefits of a Massage| Massage in Scottsdale | New Serenity Spa

Health Benefits of a Massage
Massage in Scottsdale | Massage in Phoenix | New Serenity Day Spa

The Associated Bodyworks and Massage Professionals group reports that only 12% of Americans have had massage. This means that the general public still is not embracing massage and the profession has to do more to educate people on the health benefits of a massage.

A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine shows that (more…)