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Best Facial Scottsdale – Inspire Facial – Phoenix Facial

Facials are an essential part of keeping skin looking young, fresh, moisturized and hydrated. Over time, when exposed to the elements, our complexion becomes susceptible to fine lines, discoloration, dryness and overall damage. So when it’s time to look for the best facial Scottsdale has (more…)

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Full Body Massage | Massage Therapy | New Serenity Spa | Phoenix

So you’ve considered full body massage, but haven’t yet tried it. Did you know that according to a piece in the New York Times, there is growing evidence that massage not only helps your muscles unwind, but also releases toxins from your body. (more…)

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Anti-aging cream Scottsdale | Anti-aging facial Phoenix | New Serenity Facial Spa

If movie stars can turn back the clock on aging skin, so can you.  At our facial spa facility in Phoenix, we offer two highly regarded anti-aging facials that will help you get there. These facials are meant to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. These facials incorporate quality products for aging by Rhonda Allison.  We use anti-aging creams in both our Serenity Facial and Miracle Facial.

Our Miracle and (more…)