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Advanced skin care treatments – Owner’s view

Skin Care Treatments Scottsdale, AZ

Most skin care treatments are still abrasive even with advancing technology. Women have been programmed to equate beauty with pain.  There is no shortage of this belief in the skin care industry either.  We  tolerate needle pokes, laser burns, bruising, harsh chemicals, and massive peeling if it brings us closer to our youthful appearance.  Not only that but we pay large sums of money for the abuse!

If you live invitamin c - skin care treatments Scottsdale, Arizona the sun can be brutal. The spa industry attracts people seeking relief from sun damaged skin and prematurely (more…)

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Aging Skin and How to Care for it – New Serenity Spa

Aging Skin – How to Care for it

We all deal with it on a daily basis and as women we are more likely to struggle with our aging skin and the challenges it brings us.  I mean, who wants to think about the sagging and the wrinkling, the liver spots, the itchiness.  None of it sounds fun or appealing and most of (more…)