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Treating Sun Damaged Skin

          Have you ever wondered how to treat sun damaged skin?  The sun can do a lot of things to your skin. The sun can make you age, give you dark sun spots, blister your skin and much more.  Exposure to the sun makes you vulnerable to UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays (ultraviolet aging) are rays that can cause you to tan but can also make you age at a very fast pace. UVB rays (ultraviolet burning) are rays that cause you to get a sun burn, blistering and skin cancer.

This is a photo of a lady who sat at her work desk by the window and how much of a difference the it made to the right side of her face that faced the window. The picture on the left hand side is what the UV rays did to her face. The picture on the left hand side is the side of the face that wasn’t exposed to the window.  This goes to show to always wear sunscreen even if you’re driving in your car or even inside.  Because even through windows you can get UV sun exposure and sun damage.

Skin sun damage

        Treating sun damaged skin can be challenging. The sun damages your skin from UV rays.  Here are some of reasons why the UV rays cause damage: UV rays are attracted to the first base of protection in our skin, called Melanin.  If the Melanin is exposed to much by sunlight (Ultraviolet rays), that is when your skin starts to become sun burned or blistered.  If your skin is over exposed to UV rays the effects and damage can be 

  • Age spots, Discoloration in the skin
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles in the skin
  • Scaly red patches
  • Tough rough, leathery skin
  • dry skin

 Let us at New Serenity Spa give you the treatment you need to repair any sun damage.  We have a Brighten and Tighten facial that helps combat pigmentation issues with premium products in conjunction with collagen building serums that nature your skin.

girl putting on Sunscreen

        To avoid UV ray damage by wearing sunscreen no matter where you go. (If you would like you could go to our website at the bottom of the page and order our sunscreen from product line Rhonda Allison). Another good way to avoid UV ray damage is avoiding the use of tanning beds, and wear protective clothing, long sleeve shirts, big hats and sun glasses.

     Take a Vitamin D supplement to offset the sun protection.

Please visit our website for additional information regarding skin care in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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