Valentine’s Day Spa Gift Massage and Facial – New Serenity Day Spa in Scottsdale

Valentine’s Day Spa Gift Massage and Facial – New Serenity Day Spa in Scottsdale

A Valentine’s Day Spa Gift Massage and Facial combination is the ultimate retreat for the soul!  If you are in tune with women, than you know how much she loves to take care of herself.  A massage and facial are the most requested of all the spa services. There is a good reason for this requested service.  Massage is good for your health and beneficial.  Nothing beats a massage after a tough workout, mental stress, long work hours and raising children.

Facials are blissfully relaxing. Facials also combat skin problems related to stress, aging and exposure to the sun.  Combine these two services together and it’s heaven for any woman or man.

Valentine's Day Spa Gift Massage and Facial

Chocolates will taste good but most of the time she feels guilty after indulging too much.  Flowers are a beautiful addition to a day spa gift but the enjoyment is short lived.

The reason why most women love a Day Spa gift for Valentine’s Day is because she can allow herself to relax and unwind without the guilt.  It’s incredibly difficult for women to relax in this fast paced world.   She knows she needs the break. Sometimes she feels bogged down with too many responsibilities to slow down.  Your gift is very valuable to her. A Valentine’s Day Spa Gift Massage and Facial will show her that you recognize her hard work. Your thoughtfulness gives her the well needed peace that she deserves.

I am always amazed to see the shift in energy from arrival to departure at New Serenity Spa.  People leave feeling happier, smiling and a lot more relaxed.  This kind of nurturing makes dealing with other issues a lot easier for women too. A lot of new mom’s come into the spa very happy about taking care of their little angel at home but often feel frustrated by the amount of stress they carry.  Once people realize how much more they can give when they take care of themselves, spa treatments become a regular part of their monthly routine.

Valentine's Day Spa Gift Massage and Facial

It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts.  There is a reason why spa’s are packed in the month of February!  The great benefit of a spa gift for a man is also the convenience.  Purchase a gift card or print a certificate online and that’s all there is to it! No lines, no hassle or choices.  It’s easy and your lady is guaranteed to appreciate this gift!

New Serenity Spa is running a combination Massage and Facial Gift for Valentine’s Day for $150 dollars.  The treatment is two hours long and provides the most indulgent relaxation.  Check out our reviews to see if our spa is a good match for you lady.

New Serenity Spa is also home to the most requested “Serenity Facial”, which is the facial treatment included in the special.


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