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What is my Fitzpatrick?  A Fitzpatrick is a way to classify the response of different types of skin to UV light.


Fitzpatrick number one  Red and blonde hair, blue eyes, never tans, almost always burn,  freckles, very fair skin. Has the highest risk for skin cancer, may scar and is  slow to heal. Low risk pigment to chemical peels.


Fitzpatrick number two   Fair sandy/ red hair, green or blue eyes, easy to burn.  Difficult to tan, may have some freckles, very high risk for skin cancer, low risk pigment from chemical peels. May scar with trauma to skin and is slow to heal.


 Fitzpatrick number three  Brown, fair, sandy hair, hazel, green or blue eyes. Takes a while to burn, will tan.  Moderate to skin cancer, higher risk to visibility from vascular damage.  Slight risk to pigment from chemical peels.


Fitzpatrick number four  Dark brown hair, green, hazel, brown eyes, slow to burn, tans very easily. Higher risk from pigment to chemical peels.  Moderate risk for any other skin pigment conditions, moderate risk for visibility from vascular damage.


Fitzpatrick number five Dark black hair, brown, and dark brown eyes, rarely burns, is a very high risk trauma to heat and chemical (chemical peels) pigmentation, very low risk of pigmentation through the sun, scars easy (keloid), moderate risk for visibility  from vascular damage .

Fitzpatrick number six Black hair, dark eyes, is very dark, never burns.  Very sensitive to  high risk trauma to heat, very sensitive to chemical peels and is able to cause pigmentation, has a lower risk for pigmentation through the sun, scars very easily (keloid) and a normal risk for vascular damage.


Knowing your Fitzpatrick scale is important in skin care treatment.  We always consider what your Fitzpatrick is before performing skin care treatments at New Serenity Spa. For more information on customized treatments for your Fitzpatrick please visit us at our Scottsdale location for a personalized skin care treatment for your skin type.




Please visit our website for additional information regarding one of the best skin care treatments for your Fitzpatrick in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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