Where Is The Best Massage In Scottsdale?

Having a massage is a necessity in everyone’s life. So you need to know where to go. New Serenity Spa hires only quality therapists, because the benefits of massage therapy are extensive and they want to maximize your experience and results with the “WOW” factor that they offer; the best massage therapists and the best massages in Arizona. A few examples of the benefits of massage as listed by Mayo Clinic are anxiety, headache relief, insomnia, and myofascial pain syndrome. It also helps improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves flexibility and range of motion, helps to promote deeper breathing and brings you relaxation. Everyone needs to find a therapist that fits their needs; to have on call when they want to relax, have discomfort or need to maintain their current health.

How do we find this person and how do we get the best massage in Scottsdale, Phoenix and all of Arizona?

  1. Find a spa with high awards, ratings and reviews. USA Today rated New Serenity Spa as on of the top ten spa’s in Scottsdale! New Serenity Spa also has a five star rating on Yelp and on Trip Advisor.
  2. Call the spa and tell them your needs. As I said before the benefits of massage therapy are vast. So when you call New Serenity Spa to schedule your appointment let them know your needs. The spa coordinators are very knowledgeable. Like so many others in America I have chronic neck, shoulder and arm tension. So what type of massage do I need?
    1. Swedish Massage: A Swedish Massage is a light to medium pressure massage with fluid motions and is primarily intended for relaxation.
    2. The Serenity MassageThe Serenity Massage incorporates a scalp massage and a relaxing foot scrub and you can customize the pressure.  This is New Serenity Spa’s specialty massage and exclusively named on for them. 
    3. Deep Tissue Massage: A Deep Tissue Massage is a medium to firm pressure massage intended to be more of a corrective massage. (This is generally what I receive so that the range of motion in neck returns. However, I also love the foot scrubs especially since they have their Pumpkin Spice foot scrub in. For my treatment I typically receive a deep tissue massage and have them add the scalp massage enhancement at the beginning of my massage and the foot scrub enhancement at the end of my massage.)
    4. Hot Stone Massage: A Hot Stone Massage uses polished basalt rocks which are smooth lava rocks. This is why the stones hold the heat so well. A hot stone massage is great for relaxation or for corrective massage. Light, medium or firm pressure can be applied as well.
    5. Prenatal Massage: Prenatal Massage safety and benefits are so important. The massage therapists at New Serenity Spa are well trained in the safety of prenatal massage. They understand how to align the client’s spine so that when they lay on their side they are comfortable and do not feel compressed. They have the knowledge to help mothers feel better during the massage and give tips for them to take home. (Make sure to bring a doctor’s note if you would like a massage in your first trimester.)
    6. Raindrop Therapy: This is a new service they will be offering sometime next month. This is done by only therapists who have taken a special class and can preform the treatment properly. Raindrop Therapy is a powerful technique that incorporates essential oils. It helps with both physical and emotional conditions. (Raindrop Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage with the foot scrub will definitely be my preferred treatments.)
  3. Communicate. Massages are a time for healing, rejuvenation and relaxation. If you are not getting the massage you would like because you want different pressure or something adjusted please let your therapist know. They are always happy to adjust the massage to your needs, and with the amount of talent at New Serenity Spa they will quickly give you your dream massage.
  4. Spa Week. Spa week is just around the corner; October 12-18th. It’s a great time to try a new type of massage.

I am so grateful to be a part of New Serenity Spa. This is a high quality, privately owned, family oriented spa. New Serenity Spa is filled with affirmations of kindness. Following these tips you will find the best massage and massage therapists in Arizona at New Serenity Spa.

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