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Serving Arizona since 2008 – Serenity Massage – The best Scottsdale massage

Welcome to New Serenity Spa.  Our Serenity Massage has been recognized in multiple search engines as one of the best massage treatments in the area.  Check our reviews.



OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE, this relaxation massage takes you into a realm of mental relaxation and soothes the entire body.  This massage involves long gliding strokes to loosen tight and sore muscles and increase circulation. It incorporates warm towels, sugar scrub on your feet, scalp massage and medium pressure which aren’t included in your classic Swedish Massage.

Our Serenity Massage offers more value than our competitor’s Signature or Swedish Massage. Compare us to the competition.

Full Body Massagered starred star
50 min + 10 min recoveryred starred star
Long Strokesred starred star
Gentle Pressurered starred star
Warm Towelsred star
Sugar Scrub on Feetred star
Scalp Massagered star
Medium Pressurered star
Best Value!

Scottsdale Massage | Serenity Massage | New Serenity Spa

Please visit our services page for a list of massage services and add-ons available at our Spa.

Try our new couples massage and enjoy 1-2 hrs of blissful relaxation with your partner in our Deluxe Suite. If you are looking for group packages to reward a friend, family member, members of your staff, you may want to consider one of our spa packages.  We offer spa packages to help you celebrate many occasions such as: mother/daughter day package, facial and massage package, office retreat package, birthday packages, girl’s night our package and much more.

Our new location is a place to heal your mind and body.  Our intention is to create a powerful wellness center that differs from the in/out corporate massage centers. We have expanded our facilities to offer you massage, facials, waxing, skincare, and life coaching all in one location.

Like most places, we offer a massage membership program so you can enjoy savings all year around. Unlike most places, if you are not happy with the results, we won’t hold you back.  If you would like additional information on our program, please call us at 480-998-6991. We want our local guests to experience our great treatments at an affordable rate.

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Our prices are available online and you can book an appointment online at any time.  If you are looking for big savings, check our online offers. However, if you really like our services, want to follow our blogs on health and wellness and want the biggest bang for your dollars, like us on Facebook or follow us on Google Plus.  We try to offer our loyal fans something special every day.


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At New Serenity Spa, we offer one of the best massage you will find in Scottsdale.  Our Serenity Massage is highly regarded as the best Scottsdale massage in the largest search and review engines.

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