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This is our first blog in our (3) part series.  You may wish to also read ‘Mother’s Day – Things to do during your massage therapy‘ and our follow-up article ‘Mother’s Day – Things to do after your massage treatment

Our clients often ask if there is anything they can do ‘before’ their massage therapy that will help them get the most out of it. While you will certainly enjoy our treatment without doing much, here are a few tips you should consider:

Mother's day massage therapy

1.  Time. Schedule plenty of time to get to your massage,  having to rush and arriving late can stress you out and raise your heart rate right before your treatment. Scheduling a yoga session, meditation, or if you are coming from work or school, even a few minutes of relaxation before your treatment is going to help your mind and body adjust to the massage gently.

2. Clothing. Wear comfortable clothes if possible, bring a case and remove your contacts before the massage if you can, laying face down with contacts in can cause them to dry out and be distracting during your massage.

3. Meals. If you are going to have a meal before a massage therapy session, a light meal is recommended .  You will be laying face down for a while and you will be more comfortable if you are not too full from a big meal.

4. Accessories. Remove all jewelry if possible . It will be easier for your therapist to work hands, wrists, and neck areas without these obstacles. It is always nicer to schedule a massage when you don’t have immediate plans that you have to look polished for afterward. This way your massage therapist can work your neck, scalp and face without you worrying about your makeup and hair. Some people like to bring a hat for after the massage as an excellent scalp massage or treatment can sometimes result in “spa hair”.

5. Phone. Remember to turn off your cell phone while preparing for your massage therapy session. A ringing or beeping cell phone can jolt you right out of relaxation mode during your treatment, most especially during energy work.  Take this time for just you. You deserve it! 

6. Hydration.  Drink water to help flush toxins before and after your massage therapy session. The pressure from your therapist’s hands pushes lactic acid out of muscle tissue into your bloodstream, where it can then circulate out of your body. But if you’re dehydrated, your blood flow is sluggish and stagnated, and may not receive these toxins as readily as thinner, less viscous blood. Don’t worry if you have to interrupt your treatment to use the facilities – the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience!

7. Expectations.  Discuss your needs and expectations with the therapist before the session, he or she will make time to do this before you start. Let them know where your problem areas are and if there are any areas you would like them to avoid. Let them know what kind of pressure you prefer. Don’t be afraid to ask your therapist how much clothing is appropriate to remove, if you’re in doubt.

Most of all,  Breathe, Relax, and let someone else take care of you for a bit, the world will still be out there when you’re done.


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