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This is our second blog in our (3) part series.  You may wish to also read ‘Mother’s Day – Things to do before your massage therapy‘ and our follow-up article ‘Mother’s Day – Things to do during your massage treatment’

Our clients often ask if there is anything they can do ‘after’ their massage therapy that will help them get the most out of it. While you will certainly enjoy our treatment without doing much, here are a few tips you should consider:

1. Take your time. Don’t immediately jump off the table as soon as your therapist leaves the room. Open your eyes slowly and enjoy the ambiance of the room. Gently bring your awareness back into the room. Sit up slowly and remain seated on the edge of the treatment table for a few moments, if you feel light headed. Now is a good time to consume a few calories to re-ground your energy if you feel off-balance. Dress yourself in warm and comfortable clothes before leaving.

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2. Water.   You heard us mention this in our previous article for things to do before a massage therapy session. Drink even more water. Failure to flush toxins out of the body by drinking a lot of water after bodywork could result in excessive muscle soreness or nausea, not to mention that you’ve defeated the purpose of getting the treatment in the first place. There is no “magic number” of ounces you should consume, but the more water you drink, the better you’ll feel after your treatment.

3. Tip for you.  Although you should only receive massage from a licensed therapist in a certified facility, a massage is both a treatment and a service, so you’ll want to tip your masseuse. Plant seeds for great future service. If the service you received was exceptional, be sure to tip your therapist and refer a few friends. This will ensure that your therapist will be just as anxious as you are for your next visit.

4. Rebook.  At New Serenity Spa, we always strive to make our customers happy.  It is all about the experience.  Our reviews tell the story for themselves.  A maintenance massage once a month is highly recommended.  If you enjoyed your experience today, we suggest that you take a few minutes to rebook your next appointment.  We fill up quickly, especially on the weekends. Rebook now and have something to look forward to when life starts to happen again. A massage has lots of benefits, more so than you realize.

5. Back to reality.  If you have to return to work after your treatment, try to take it easy, but notice how much more energy and ambition you have! Otherwise, just use the rest of your day to relax. Enjoy your good mood, knowing that all is well with the world – at least with your world, at least for today. Take a hot bath, if you can. Try adding some sea salt or Epsom salt and some relaxing essential oils (like lavender or bergamot) or 2-3 chamomile tea bags.

Notice how much more deeply you sleep, compared to usual, and how much more energy you have the next day!Above all, continue taking care of yourself with a healthy diet, exercise and regular maintenance massage – at least once per month, and once per week is ideal, if your schedule and budget allow it.

At New Serenity Spa, we offer one of the best and most relaxing massages in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. If a massage is not in your immediate future, you may want to consider our Serenity Facial. This facial is highly regarded by our customers reviews as one of the most relaxing facials in Scottsdale.

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