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Have you ever wondered if there was a link between a healthy diet and great skin ?  Eating a healthy diet can be connected to beautiful skin. Skin is the biggest organ of the body, the way you eat and feel on the inside has a great impact on ones outer appearance.  For optimal skin care, try eating a healthy diet rich in proteins, fruit, and essential vitamins.

Protein can play a very important role in your diet, without enough protein you can start to become weak.  Lake of protein can make you sluggish and when you are tired your skin will reflect this externally. Foods rich in good protein are beans, eggs, low fat yogurt, skim milk, seafood, fish, skinless white meat poultry, low fat cheese, and lean beef.  Protein is also essential in the skin healing process.  Protein also provides amino acids. Amino acids in protein are used to build a material known as collagen.  Collagen reduces the appearances of wrinkles.

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Fruits are a fabulous way to detox the body and make the skin appear vibrant as well! Being highly rich in antioxidants many skin care professionals uses this in their products to detox the skin and help ward off the production of free radicals. Free Radicals are harmful things that can cause sicknesses, for example, cancer.   Raspberries are the best antioxidant that you can eat or use in skin care treatments. Raspberries will help fight of those free radicals and keep your skin feeling beautiful and radiant.

Vitamins are another key factor for great skin.  Vitamins are a very little group of substances that are essential in tiny doses for development and growth. Most of them cannot be manufactured by the body and must come from our diet. Many studies have shown that vitamins from supplements do not act on the body in the same way as vitamins from foods do. Do your best to have a healthy diet rich in wholesome vitamins and watch your skin show the results of healthy living!

Many of my clients want beautiful skin, that is why they are visiting me.  I do the very best I can to give long lasting, favorable results.  I do however emphasize the importance of healthy living for the most potent and powerful skin care results.  A healthy diet and lifestyle, regular facial treatments, a safe product line and sun protection are all fantastic ways to balance the skin to it’s natural beauty.

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