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 How to enjoy a massage or facial treatment

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A talented massage therapist and esthetician are very important in receiving a good treatment and key to enjoying your massage or facial. However, the hidden secret to a great massage or facial treatment can often times begin with the client. With a few of these helpful tips you can be certain your relaxation will be taken to a new level. At New Serenity Massage and Facial Spa, we offer our clients the following suggestions to maximize their massage or facial treatment experience:

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Empty your bladder
Nothing can sabotage a treatment like a bad case of the restroom jitters. Most people just ride it out until the end and suffer. It doesn’t matter how skilled your massage therapist is, all you will remember about massage or facial treatment is the urge to empty your bladder. Check in with your body before the massage or facial treatment begins. Are you hungry? Do you need to use the restroom? Is your body ready to relax?

Arrive to your treatment 15 minutes early
This is especially important if you are a new client. When your scheduled session begins, you should be comfortably laying down and ready to receive, not filling out paper work or waiting for your esthetician to prepare your products. Your massage therapist always wants to give you the entire session and doesn’t want to rob you of any relaxation. However, most massage therapists are on a schedule that doesn’t always allow them to be flexible with their time. It’s best to arrive to the spa relaxed and comfortably unwinding before you begin your session. It makes a big difference on how long it takes to relax, it’s worth the planning.

Turn off your cell phone or silence completely
Even putting a cell phone on vibrate is enough to disrupt your blissful state of mind. It’s best to alleviate the thought of the outside world all together and just enjoy being pampered. Many times people forget to turn off their cell phones and it really disrupts their sessions. It throws the therapist out of their zone and takes the clients out of their peace. This is your time. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Communicate your needs
It’s best to be as clear as possible about your desires for the treatment. Your provider always wants to give you a great experience but cannot read your mind. Tell your therapist what kind of pressure you like, where on your body you need specialized attention, if you feel uncomfortable or need to change positions. This is about you, don’t hesitate or be shy about what you want out of your treatment. A great treatment is sometimes about using your voice and communicating your needs.

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Give positive feedback when you like something
This is something that very few people do but I dare you to give it a try! When you are enjoying something about your treatment, let the therapist know. If they are doing an incredible job on a foot rub tell them how much you like it…guess what? They may spend a little more time on it! Nothing motivates a therapist as much as positive feedback. It works very well and they will remember you for it! If you feel grateful for your treatment your therapists would love the recognition. Tell the spa management or a write a nicely worded online review. You can be sure your next appointment will be with a happy therapist ready to treat you like royalty. Remember, most chose this line of work to be of service to others and they use their skills to bring peace and healing. Your appreciation makes everybody feel good and the treatments reflect that.

Leave a nice tip
Tips are always appreciated by your service provider. Most agree with this and are very generous about tipping. The tip is a reflection of your satisfaction and ensures the therapist of a good service rendered. It’s customary to tip 18-20% of the cost of treatment. Tips are never expected but ALWAYS appreciated.

Rebook before you leave
Life can get in the way and we forget the need to take care of ourselves and our body. Rebooking right away is a big bonus for the service provider and for you. It’s so nice to have a relaxing treatment waiting for you. When life gets busy and the schedule starts to feel stressful it’s nice to have that future appointment as a reminder of the peace to come. Your service provider has you as a priority in his/her schedule and will not let others take that time slot. This is another outstanding way to receive a great service!

Tell your friends
Send a friend in the direction of your therapist or service provider and you can guarantee yourself the VIP treatment when you see your provider. People feel so good about positive recognition and sending a family member or friend to experience the same great treatment keeps the positivity flowing!

These are just a few suggestions to optimize your spa experience. You deserve to have a wonderful experience. These are what every spa pro is doing to maximize their spa benefits. Give it a try and see if it works for you too!

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