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Spa package deals are very popular this time of the year. Many hotels, resorts and day spas offer spa packages throughout the year. Hotels and resorts tend to have the most amenities, however, they are usually more expensive and require an overnight stay to realize big savings. Day Spas offer packages as well but they often are very limited by their facilities. Most day spas don’t have a yoga program. Others don’t offer life coaching session. Others focus on individual massage therapy and can’t accommodate groups of 1/2 day retreats.

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The cost of a facial and massage spa package at a day spa is usually 50-60% less than what Resort usually charges. If you select the right spa, the outcome is usually the same or better at much lower cost. At New Serenity Spa in Scottsdale, we offer services meant to help you heal your mind and body in one location.  There are many good reasons to get massage therapy, however, our customers have clearly told us that they often need more than just a massage or facial at affordable prices that allows them to rejuvenate and relax. We consider ourselves a step below a large resort in terms of amenities (no pool or sauna) and a step above most typical day spas that only offer facials and massage.  Our customer ratings speak for themselves.  In terms of amenities,  we are a step above many local resorts and day spas in the area with our yoga studio and life coaching program setting us apart.

Spa Package Deal Scottsdale

There are many reasons to get massage therapy, facials, yoga etc, however, there are even more reasons to buy a spa package. Here are a few questions our customers have been asking:

  • I have a recurring injury that requires repeat massage therapy treatments.  How can I get some savings on massage therapy?
  • I don’t want to purchase a spa package at a local resort. It is too expensive and the reviews are not always up to par with the small day spa.  If I purchase services in bulk, can I realize some savings and still get great value?
  • I want to buy some services as a package or series and use these services as a gift for the holidays. Can I purchase a series of services and share the savings with friends and family?
  • I like to visit a Spa on a regular basis but I don’t want to pay full price after my first visit and I certainly don’t want to be tied down to a membership program. Can I purchase a series of services from you at a discount and use your spa all year long?
  • I am only in the area for a few weeks a year but I need massage therapy weekly.  Can I purchase a series of massage treatments at a discount?
  • I am looking for a place that offers me more than just a massage or a facial.  Can I use your yoga facilities before or after our services?
  • I like to spend more than 50 min at a spa and enjoy several treatments at a time.  Are your treatments hour-long treatments?

Of course, the answer to all these questions is a sound ‘Yes’.  At New Serenity Spa, we have designed all our spa packages to meet the needs of existing and future clients. With the holiday season coming up, these packages could be a perfect gift for a friend or relative or an easy way to get through Black Friday and offer someone a gift of to help heal their mind and body.

Office retreat spa package in scottsdale Our clients have told us that they wanted facial and massage package so they could spend a couple of hours pampering themselves.  We created the Facial and Massage package, our most popular package ever. Our clients have told us that they wanted to spend a day at the spa with their mother, daughter, grand-daughter, bother or other friend or relative so we created the Mother/Daughter Day Package. Our clients have told us that they wanted to spend 3-4 hrs in a serene and quiet environment getting not just a massage but a series of services (facial, waxing, yoga, life coaching).  We created the 1/2 day healing spa package and the office retreat and productivity day package. Our clients have told us that they wanted to enjoy a massage session with 3-4 friends so they can chat and relax as a group at the same time. We created the Group Therapeutic massage spa package.  In this package, we setup our Yoga studio to host up to 4 guests at a time.

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We have created other packages based on feedback we received over the years.  The bridal party spa package, girls night out spa package and couples massage training package were all created to support the needs of our clients.  You can read more about our package on our services page Our new facility in Scottsdale, AZ, now allows us to combine multiple services in ways that were impossible for us to do before. We have added a life coaching component to most of our packages.  This is an hour of coaching with a certified life coach meant to heal your mind. Our new facilities have been setup as a place to no only heal your body but your mind as well through yoga, mediation and life coaching.

Spa package life coaching deal

As you can see, the possibilities to heal your mind and body are endless when your favorite day spa is properly setup to support hours of relaxation and not just a therapeutic massage or facial treatment.  Day spa package deals can provide excellent value for hours of relaxation at a fraction of a cost that a high-end resort will charge. At New Serenity Spa, our services are meant to create a space that offers our clients ‘possibilities’ and ‘opportunities’ to heal both mind and body in ways very few day spas can provide.

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