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Do you and your special someone seem to meet each other coming and going? Why not meet up at New Serenity Spa Scottsdale for a couples massage? A couples massage is a perfect way to reconnect with yourself and with the one you love.

In a tranquil therapy room large enough for two massage tables you and your loved one can settle in for some supreme relaxation. While your massage experiences will happen simultaneously in the same room, your unique needs are top priority. Perhaps one of you likes a deep tissue massage while the other prefers a lighter touch. No problem! New Serenity Spa Scottsdale’s caring and skilled therapists take the time to listen before the massage begins.


To have the best couples massage possible, it’s important you to have a pre-massage chat with your partner.

Asking the following questions will ensure that your experience will be a bonding experience and not an disappointing one.

  • When you get a massage, what level of conversation works for you? None, a little here and there, or steady conversation throughout?
  • After massages, do you tend to need a nap or a bite to eat?
  • If your partner is a “massage virgin,” make sure you help him or her understand what to expect.

A couples massage isn’t just for lovers, you know.

couples massage

Mother/daughter massages are a great way to tie a relaxing bow on a shopping day.

Is your best friend timid about going for her first massage alone? Tag along and give her the comfort of your presence and give yourself the comfort of a massage.

Are you the maid-of-honor? A pre-wedding massage for you and the bride is a perfect way to release the stress of last-minute wedding planning.

couples massage

Unwind together.

A couples massage at New Serenity Spa Scottsdale is a gift couples give to each other. Schedule your couples massage today.  Check out our yoga studio couples massage setup. You won’t be disappointed.  Call us now for your next appointment.

We are located in Scottsdale, AZ 85260. We offer one of the best facial in Scottsdale. Our Serenity massage has been recognized as of the most relaxing Scottsdale Massage in the area.

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