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Spa gifts aren’t just for family and close friends. Say thank you with spa gifts this season. From teachers to your favorite grocery store cashier, a spa gift will be a thank you they’ll never expect or forget!  You will find great value in many day spa package deals that are available this time of the year.

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Let New Serenity Spa in Scottsdale, AZ help you say thank you to all those folks who make life better by their friendly service.
At New Serenity Spa, we offer a variety of spa gift certificates in Scottsdale to fit every occasion. You can mail or print a gift certificate online at any time. If you prefer that we send a gift card in your name, we can handle that online as well.

  • By Winter break, teachers are worn to a frazzle and in need of some “me time.” They pour knowledge and personal growth into your children with passion and purpose. Resist the urge to purchase one more “#1 Teacher” plaque. Instead, tuck a New Serenity spa gift card in a beautiful tea cup along with some aromatic tea bags. Attach a message that says, “Thanks for steeping my child in your loving care. Now, it’s time for you to get some loving care at New Serenity Spa.”
  • The holiday season is extra busy for church and synogogue leaders. Special religious services and an extra emphasis on caring for the less fortunate can leave them depleted. They miss out on special time with their own families to be a blessing to others. Bless your pastor and his wife with a couples massage. Treat your priest or rabbi to a gentleman’s facial. Slip a New Serenity Spa gift card in that Christmas card and say, “Your spiritual guidance soothes my soul. It’s time for you to be soothed by some caring attention at New Serenity Spa.”
  • Do you have a favorite bartender who knows how many lemon wedges you like with your draft beer? Before your posterior rests on the bar stool, your drink is waiting? It feels amazing to be a “regular,” doesn’t it? Show your appreciation for your friendly bartender with a spa gift. When you pay your tab, slip in a New Serenity gift card with a note that says, “Thanks for making me feel like someone important every time I come in. It’s time for you to get the VIP treatment at New Serenity Spa. Enjoy a massage or facial on me!”
  • Have you been seeing the same hair stylist or nail technician for years? Think of all the hours you’ve spent together figuring out all the worlds problems while your get highlights in your hair or flowers painted on your toes. Express your thanks with a New Serenity gift card and a message that says, “My time with you always leaves me looking better and smiling bigger. This New Serenity gift card is my way to pamper you. Enjoy!”
  • What about that young single mom working a second job as a server at your favorite pancake shop? She keeps a smile on her face amidst her frantic pace. She can’t afford any extras for herself, so imagine her glee when she finds a New Serenity Spa card tucked in with her tip. Attach a message that says, “I see how hard you’re working just to make ends meet. Take a spa break on me. You deserve it.”
  • Do you run through the Starbucks or fast food drive-thru the same time every day? Chances are, the same server greets you with a knowing smile, just as grateful for a familiar face as you are. It didn’t take her long to memorize your quirky preference for mayo instead of ketchup for your fries or for a pump of vanilla syrup in your chai latte. The holiday season is a great time to say thanks with a New Serenity spa gift card with a message attached that says, “Your service makes me smile. Enjoy some spa time with an extra shot of TLC.”
  • Do you endure a longer line at the grocery store just to get cashed out by your favorite cashier? His fast scanning and funny jokes are an extra bonus not found in the sale flyer. Let him know you appreciate his consistent, positive service by giving him a spa gift card that includes this message: “You stand on your feet for hours on end with a smile and impeccable service. Please accept my thanks by getting off your feet for a massage or gentleman’s facial.”
  • Your personal trainer or Zumba instructor help you get fit and feel great. Why not return the favor with a New Serenity Spa gift card? Attach one to a brand-new fitness towel and say, “Thanks for pushing me to better fitness. Now, it’s my turn to push you to better self-care. Time for a massage!”
  • Does your housekeeper or landscaper keep your place looking presentable all through the year? Show your gratitude with a spa gift and a message that says, “Thanks for helping me keep it all together. Now, it’s time for you to lay it all down and to get some maintenance of your own. Enjoy a massage on me!”
  • Everyone knows it’s the secretaries who keep offices running smoothly. Their bosses would be lost without them. From the school secretary to the receptionist at your dentist office, give them credit where credit is due by giving them a New Serenity Spa gift card with a message that says, “Pencil in an appointment at New Serenity Spa on the master calendar. Thanks for all you do to keep us running smoothly and looking good.”

To whom can you say thank you with spa gifts?

Happy Holidays from New Serenity Spa!


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