Best Scottsdale Massage | A matter of protocol | New Serenity Spa – Part 2 of 3

Best Scottsdale Massage | A matter of protocol | Part 2 of 3

This is the second article in our three part series. As we mentioned in our first article ‘Best Massage in Scottsdale | A matter of protocol‘, not all massage therapists offer you the same experience.  Our massage therapists are able to relieve stress and tension that bottles up deep inside your muscles.  Their training combined with our massage protocol is meant to bring out our philosophy of healing and relaxation to live.  At New Serenity Spa, we offer the best Scottsdale Massage.  We strongly believe that it is all a matter of both protocol combined with some of the best therapists in town.

Best Scottsdale Massage | A matter of protocol

We left our first article discussing the Serenity Massage, how we interview our clients prior to their session and what we do to make sure our rooms are ready.

The next part of our protocol is meant to get our guests comfortable. The therapist will escort our guest into their massage room and ask them to undress to their comfort level facing down on the bed.  They will exit the room, wait and knock before entering a few minutes later.  They will adjust the face cradle until the guest is comfortable.  Then, our therapists will ask about the temperature and use bed warmer if necessary.  Therapists are trained to pay close attention to the volume of music in the room and will adjust accordingly. Each room in our New Serenity Spa has its own volume control to meet the needs of our guests.

We ask our therapist to check their intention before you begin the treatment.  They are to check in with themselves and make sure you are grounded and present.   A silent mantra to raise your vibrational energy.   (Ra, Ma, Da, Sa, Sa, Say, So, Hung) A beautiful meditation meaning, “the service of God is within me.”  Even a simple, “I am ready to share my gift” brings you into the present moment and enhances the experience for the guests.  This is key to providing the best Scottsdale massage you’ve ever experience. The massage room is a space of peace and quiet filled with good energy and soothing music.

Best Scottsdale Massage | Massage-Has-Its-Benefits

In our next article, we will cover the 4 steps that are executed during a massage session. These 4 steps clearly outline how our massage therapists work on the different parts of your body during our 60 min Serenity Massage, how much time they spent and how they perform the best Scottsdale Massage.

At New Serenity Spa, we offer one of the best and most relaxing massages in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.

If a massage is not in your immediate future, you may want to consider our Serenity Facial. This facial is highly regarded by our customers reviews as one of the most relaxing facials in Scottsdale.

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