Massage Therapy as my life’s passion

Massage therapy is my life’s passion!

My name is Leanne Ireland.  I am one of the massage therapists at New Serenity Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have been doing my life’s calling as a massage therapist for 3 years now.  I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself before you book a massage.

massage therapy scottsdale

I chose massage therapy as my life’s work many years ago. I was unable to attend school for massage therapy at that time and suffered through corporate jobs sitting at a desk and dreaming of doing something that would improve others lives and moods. As soon as I began school for massage therapy, my life shifted from outside surroundings and the influence of others, to an exploration of inner-self and healing. That time changed my life. I learned how inner turmoil as well as outside stress affect our bodies in specific ways ,for example, the sacrum holds memories , trauma, the core of our sacred soul, and something that all therapists should treat with honor. The difference between a good therapist and a therapist out to make a quick buck comes down to INTENTION . As therapists we must focus solely on our client and their needs during a massage treatment. We need to bring good intention into the treatment and notice how their body speaks to us as we work. There is a great deal of intuition needed to be an effective instrument in the healing of others. When the therapist and her client can relax and work together there is a great sense of calm and well being at the conclusion of a massage as a result of turning inward and nurturing ones self for a bit. Something we all need in this busy world and I am grateful to hold that space for people who come to New Serenity Spa.  I am looking forward to meeting you :)

massage therapy scottsdale


At New Serenity Spa, we offer one of the best and most relaxing massages in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.
If a massage is not in your immediate future, you may want to consider our Serenity Facial. This facial is highly regarded by our customers reviews as one of the most relaxing facials in Scottsdale.

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