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     Claiming to experience the best day spa facial in Scottsdale is bold, isn’t it?  I’ve had a lot of good facials and I still continue to receive high quality skincare treatments but very few treatments leave me amazed.  New Serenity Day Spa has packaged the ultimate facial experience and many have considered this treatment to be the best day spa facial in Scottsdale or the best facial they have experienced anywhere.  I’ve given a lot of thought about why the New Serenity Day Spa facials are so unique, particularly the Serenity facial and here is the analysis.

     The spa room is very calm, peaceful and serene but many facilities have gorgeous rooms so that doesn’t factor into the experience as much.  However, the photography is beautiful.  The Rhonda Allison product line used during the facial treatment has an outstanding aroma and is extremely effective but many spas use this great product line.  The quality of the actual treatment is where New Serenity is gaining notoriety.  From the moment physical contact is made you feel a warm, calming energy.  My friend exclaimed after her treatment, “It was like my face fell into the hands of an angel!”

     The esthetician (Stacy) strongly acknowledges the power of touch.  Her studies at the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics covered skin conditions, treatment options and product ingredients.  Additional training was dedicated towards healing touch, life coaching and positive touch through positive thoughts.  It’s fascinating how you can feel someone’s kindness for you.

     All of that is wonderful,however, what about the actual facial treatment?  This is where New Serenity Day Spa could make it’s claim as one of the best spa facial treatments.  Most high end resorts and luxury spa facilities don’t include all of these treatment perks and if they do it’s at double the cost or more.

     The Serenity treatment begins with a thorough cleanse, steam and toner. While you relax under the steam, an antioxidant, exfoliating mask does it’s magic.  While the mask sheds the outer layers of the skin, your arms and hands are massaged. Warm towels wrap your feet and a blissfully, relaxing foot and leg massage alleviate tension.  When your skin is fully prepped, some anti-aging products are gently rubbed into your face for a rich, nourishing feel.   The next part of the treatment is where I fall asleep or enter the “serenity” state of mind.  My shoulders and upper back are included in the massage portion of the facial.  Then the facial massage takes relaxation to another realm.  Whatever was spinning in my head melts away and now every facial nerve is tendering nurtured, my senses are slightly engaged with the soothing background music and  a calmness floats through my entire body.  Warm towels with a hint of lavender add to the pleasure and the hydrating mask gives my skin a cooling and slight tingling sensation.   Still don’t think it’s enough euphoric pleasure?  The scalp massage sends slight chills through my body.  The treatment takes the things I love about pedicures, salon shampoos, massages and facials into one treatment!  It’s relaxation overload with an end result of beautiful skin!   I leave with soft lips, bright eyes and smooth skin. I feel hydrated and nourished with a gorgeous glow.

     Admittedly, I am a bit of a spa snob.  Skin care is my thing and I don’t skimp on facials when I am on vacation. I will budget for my face before my toes every time!  I originally found New Serenity Day Spa as a gift idea from my husband. Lucky me! This is a great gift idea for any women. I absolutely adore Stacy LeClair as my esthetican, life coach, and friend.  I never miss a month.  It is a wonderful experience I look forward to.

     The spa is a bit hidden so make sure you get good directions.  New Serenity Day Spa truly is a hidden gem.  I’m not another 2 o’clock  that needs to be quickly rushed in and out.  I’m not another name in the system.  This is where I vent about my bad days, I’m encouraged to overcome adversity, treated with positive energy, love and compassion.

     Don’t take my word for it!  I encourage you to experience it for yourself :)

Testimony by Melissa Miller

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